iDaD Download

Packaged GUI and compiled for individual platforms is available below. Installation instructions and manuals are included in each package but can also be previewed for each platform below. A stand alone version of the fortran source code is also provided.

This program is NOT PUBLIC DOMAIN. Copyright remains with the author. Conditions of use of the iDaD routines and related programs in this package.

  1. The iDaD routines may not be distributed to third parties. Interested parties should contact the author directly.

  2. Due acknowledgment must be made of the use of the iDaD routines in research reports or publications. Whenever such reports are released for public access, a copy should be forwarded to the author.

  3. The iDaD routines may only be used for research and development, unless it has been agreed otherwise with the author in writing.

    iDaD Windows XP and 7   (85 MB)   

    Windows Installation     

    Windows Manual           

    iDaD MacOSX                (310 MB)   

    MacOSX Installation     

    MacOSX Manual           

    iDaD Linux Ubuntu           (96 MB)   

    Linux Ubuntu Installation     

    Linux Ubuntu Manual           

    iDAD Fortran source       (220 KB)